Collection: Blower Belt Guards

RAD belt guards offer protection for the fuel lines, oil lines, clutch control lines, and wires that pass near the outside of the blower belt. Our belt guards consist of four sections Front bracket, middle plate, rear bracket and standoffs. Belt guards are available to fit your needs and can be custom fit for all snout length assemblies.  All pieces are machined from Billet aluminum, and offered in Polish, black anodize, 2 tone and raw aluminum finish. All mounting hardware is included.

Belt guards are designed to fit standard roots type GM-71 series blowers/superchargers. These blowers include the following sizes 4-71, 6-71, 8-71, 1071, 14-71, and 16-71. Name brands for these superchargers include Blower Drive Service, The Blower Shop, Littlefield, Mooneyham, Hampton Blowers, Kuhl superchargers, Dyers, and Weiand to name a few.