Privacy Policy

Racing And Development makes no express or implied warranties of any type or kind concerning the products and components it sells whether new or reconditioned, including warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Seller’s statements are informational only and not made or given as a warranty. Buyer is responsible to immediately (within 24 hours of receipt) check all parts received from Seller to be certain they are the part(s) ordered and were not damaged in shipment. Seller will replace or remedy erroneous shipments. Seller will assist the buyer in filing a claim with the shipping company for Parts damaged in transit only if Buyer has purchased insurance on the Part(s) being shipped.

If the purchased Part(s) is/are new and in its original package, the Buyer should direct all inquiries or claims of any type to the manufacturer of the Part(s).

Buyer acknowledges that some Parts marketed and sold by Seller are used or reconditioned and also acknowledges all Parts sold by Seller are for use in high performance vehicles of various types. Buyer further acknowledges that by installing such parts and components or having installation performed by another, Buyer has accepted full responsibility for the part, its condition and performance, including all responsibility for property damage and personal injuries to themselves, other competitors, bystanders, officials, vehicles, or property of any type associated with the use of such Part(s), whether used in competition or other driving activities.

Seller does not undertake to warn, instruct or advise Buyer in safety practices or procedures. Buyer is solely responsible for learning and following proper safety practices and procedures in any way related to installation and use of the Parts. Buyer acknowledges and agrees to be solely responsible for use of the Parts and any consequences related thereto as confirmed by Buyer’s purchase and Buyer’s use of Parts sold by Racing And Development Company.
No high-performance parts have any warranty or guarantee by Racing And Development, the seller. 
No parts are returnable without permission. Any part returned will be subject to 20% Stock return Parts returned without authorization may not be credited back If the part is no longer manufactured, it will not be credited back There is NO warranty or guarantee for high performance parts against breakage, or malfunction.
Special Ordered items are not returnable under any conditions.